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The end of our trip! 21.11.2009
The Very English City of ChristChurch 19.11.2009
Bait and Switchback 16.11.2009
A town fit for a Queen 14.11.2009
Fumbling toward Milford 13.11.2009
Doin' Dunedin 12.11.2009
New Zealand flowers 09.11.2009
Birdwatching on the Thames 07.11.2009
Visiting a Natural Cathedral 07.11.2009
What Planet is This? 05.11.2009
Our Journey to Mordor... 03.11.2009
Of Glowing Worms and Dark Caves 02.11.2009
From Royal Park to Manly Beach 30.10.2009
I've Got the Blue Mountains Blues 25.10.2009
Cold Water and Warm Days 25.10.2009
Quays, Rocks, Crosses, and Pies 23.10.2009
Sentosa...Instant Island, Just Add Sand 22.10.2009
A Call to Prayer for Everyone 19.10.2009
Chili crab in Singapore 18.10.2009
What if you don't shop? 16.10.2009
Ruins, Restoration, and Remaking 13.10.2009
Putting the “GRAND” in Grand Palace 11.10.2009
The Towers, Rapunzel, Rapunzel!! 09.10.2009
Clay Warriors, Imperial Gardens, and a Royal Tomb 07.10.2009
Snack Street and the Great Mosque 07.10.2009
Why Travel to a Country That is so Different from Ours? 05.10.2009
Making the Most of Sunny Days 03.10.2009
There Is Life Outside Beijing 30.09.2009
A Sunday of Meditation and Music 27.09.2009
On a Slow Boat to North Gate 27.09.2009
Temples, Temples, Everywhere 26.09.2009
The Great Tomb 24.09.2009
Tien An Men, Shien Na Men 23.09.2009
Beijing: The Un-forbidden City 21.09.2009
Sometimes You Dim Sum, Sometimes You Lose Some 20.09.2009
Hong Kong Park 19.09.2009
Gold, Jade, and Temples Oh My! 18.09.2009
Hong Kong 17.09.2009
San Francisco Stop Off 15.09.2009